Reopening Plans and Procedure


A Summary of Re-Opening Plans and Procedures

As the Integrated Resort industry leader and a 100% committed proponent of a sanitized and safe gaming and resort experience, Bloomberry Resorts Corporation and Solaire are wholly dedicated to uncompromising safety standards and protocols. We will set the standard for the integrated resort environment that embraces the safety of each of our guests, TMs, contractors, stakeholders, business partners, and the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation – PAGCOR.

Solaire is committed to using all available effective technologies both local and overseas to ensure that the reopening of the property is effective, safe and, most importantly, maintains the responsibility to the public to ensure no spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Prior to the implementation of the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) last March 15, 2020, the company foresaw the potential impact of the virus and chose to proactively educate and provide personal protective equipment to our guests and Team Members (TMs). Our actions also included immediately controlling guest arrivals through DOT and DOH guidelines, implementing safety measures for the skeletal workforce and social distancing protocols, deployed non-invasive thermal scanners throughout all front-of-house and back-of-house entrances, installed touchless automated hand sanitizers, and required TMs to wear masks, among others.

While under ECQ, the company maintained a safe environment by implementing various protocols including surface swabbing and Relative Light Unit (RLU) testing[1], more stringent social distancing guidelines throughout the property, deep cleaning of back-of-house offices, VIP private gaming areas and vacant guest rooms, and the set-up of up to three clinics with the capability to test TMs for the virus. Various sanitizing equipment were also purchased and deployed such as escalator UV disinfectors, foot baths, wheel and tire disinfection apparatus, and UV-C lighting for high-touch surfaces. We have amassed an inventory of sanitizing equipment to ensure the safe reopening of Solaire.

Our philosophy during closure and for reopening focuses on enhancing the Solaire brand through over-the-top measures including sanitation, on-site testing and medical staff, hosting 740 TMs in-house, surface swabbing, deep cleaning and maintenance providing a fit-for-guest occupancy environment throughout. By enhancing the brand, we assert our multi-faceted leadership in this industry.

Below we summarize the aspects of the day-to-day operations at Solaire under our new normal safety protocols. We focus on the guest experience, TM procedures, and contractor requirements before and during their visit to the property.

A. For TMs and Contractors:


  • Before being allowed on property, all TMs and contractors must be tested negative for the virus– two rapid tests and, for those identified as at risk, followed up by 1 Polymerise Chain Reaction (PCR) test
  • Rapid tests must have a minimum of 8 days of self-quarantine in-between them


  • All transportation must be through a private vehicles or TM shuttles
  • Shuttles must adhere to social distancing rules

New Normal Protocols

  • Wearing of masks
  • Regular sanitization of hands
  • Daily vitamin C intake (provided by the company)
  • Social distancing – TM dining, restaurants and other lounge areas require TMs to sit two seats apart, no one directly fronting each other, observe 2-meter rule, 4 persons maximum in elevator at a time
  • Daily check in to pass through misting tent and foot bath, temperature check, mandatory application of hand sanitizer, issuance of mask
  • More frequent and regular cleaning of offices and public areas
  • Minimize non-essential face-to-face meetings, use conference call meetings as much as possible
  • No large gathering of employees for engagement activities
  • Constant reminders of these new protocols through various media

B. For Guests:

Guest Marketing

  • Solaire to embark on an awareness campaign focusing on the sanitizing efforts at the property– “Solaire is Safe”; various media will be used


  • Guest arrival protocols modified for social distancing
  • Valet service suspended. VIP self-parking options to be instituted
  • Guest complementary shuttle services suspended

Check in/out

  • Queues will adhere to social distancing rules
  • Counters outfitted with acrylic dividers an sanitized every 15 minutes to protect guests and TMs from virus spread
  • Key cards to be placed in plastic sanitized sleeve for each guest
  • Pens provided to guests will be sanitized after each use
  • Maximum of four persons in a lift
  • Upon check out, keys to be dropped in designated key box and sanitized through a UVS box, prior to reissuing


  • Guests are to be provided in-rooms amenities and personal amenity packs containing masks, sanitizer, door handling hook, and gloves
  • Every room sanitized with equipment such as UV-C lamps and highly effective Oxivir chemicals
  • Random swabbing tests for new room arrivals to ensure proper Relative Light Unit (RLU) threshold rating

Public Areas

  • At least once per hour cleaning and sanitizing of public and shared spaces (with emphasis on high-touch surfaces) including, but not limited to, elevators (and its button panels), door knobs and handles, escalator handrails, restrooms, ATMs, slot machines and gaming tables, seating areas, dining surfaces, counters, handrails and trash bins
  • 493 hand sanitizer dispensers strategically located for both guest and TM use

Food & Beverage Outlets

  • Peak period queuing procedures with 2-meter social distancing requirement when guests are not able to be seated immediately
  • Tables and booths spaced to allow 2 meters between parties
  • Fresh Buffet service suspended until sneeze guards are installed
  • Use of disposable menus, UV-C sanitation cabinets for check presenters


  • All outlets will be scheduled for professional cleaning prior to opening to meet proper RLU threshold rating
  • Observe maximum of 1 person per 15 sqm of circulation space; queuing to observe 2- meter rule
  • Retail TMs to use mask and gloves
  • Use of UV-C scanners to sanitize bills, plastic, paper vouchers used for payment
  • Prioritize cleaning and sanitizing after operating hours and during downtime

C. The Gaming Segment:

  • Aim to open only 20% of gaming tables (40 VIP tables and 40 Mass tables), and 30% of electronic gaming machine capacity (947 slot machines)
  • Open tables will be spaced to allow for ample social distancing (i.e. 1 open for every 4 Baccarat tables, 1 table open in each private gaming salon, etc.)
  • Each table will be sanitized after each day and will be subject to passing the proper RLU threshold test
  • Only three seats per gaming table with no back betting allowed
  • Loitering is prohibited in all gaming areas
  • Every open table have alcohol sanitizing bottles and will be equipped with a UV-C scanner to sterilize both chips and cash currency
  • No large-scale giveaway promotions or tournaments

The above represents only a fraction of the meticulous internal protocols we have developed.  We look forward to serving our guests once we are allowed to resume operations.

[1] RLU testing involves the use of Trace Luminometers and surface swabs to identify the quantity of organic matter present on any surface. The Solaire standard is to have surfaces with no more than 100 RLUs. As a reference, common day-to-day surfaces have approximately 500 RLUs