Data Privacy Policy


Bloomberry Resorts Corporation (“BRC”) is committed to comply with legal requirement on personal data privacy.

As a holding company, BRC does not gather and process personal data other than in limited instances.

To identify its stockholders to be able to communicate to them, pay dividends, pay withholding tax on dividends, recognize their rights as shareholders including allowing them to attend and vote in stockholders meetings, BRC and its stock transfer agent and service providers collect personal data such as name, address, email address and government issued identification document of its stockholders and their proxies and authorized representatives.

BRC collects, processes and stores personal data from applicants for employment and employees in the ordinary course of its business.

If a communication (by mail, email and other means) to BRC contains personal information, BRC will use the information only for the purpose intended. Such personal information may be sent to persons or offices, including third party service providers as may be necessary to properly address the matter subject of such communication. They are required to comply with the appropriate data privacy rules.

Anyone who sends communication to BRC through the internet or over social media should be aware that there are risks against hacking or unlawful intrusion over which BRC may not be able to prevent.

BRC may update this Privacy Policy by posting the new version of the policy on this website.