Valuing Our Customers

Our team’s unwavering commitment to delivering a world- class customer experience is at the heart of the Solaire brand. As we expand and grow our business in the post-pandemic era, we will continue to raise the bar in providing our customers with a safe and enjoyable five-star experience.

Solaire is Safe for You

In 2022, we recalibrated our protocols to reflect the shift in our customer’s expectations as the country’s economic reopening expands and we welcomed more guests and patrons.

The mass vaccination site that Solaire established in 2021 was only the start of our commitment to our community’s welfare. Throughout the pandemic, we supported the government’s COVID-19 programs. We vaccinated all our employees and their dependents and adhered to strict safety protocols while encouraging continued vigilance of health guidelines among our communities.

Despite the easing of COVID-19 restrictions in 2022, Solaire continued implementing our Solaire is Safe for You Campaign to benefit all guests. This comprehensive program aims to achieve zero COVID-19 transmissions at Solaire by exceeding minimum safety requirements.

Solaire was the first integrated resort to install high-performance UVC light technology in its central air-conditioning system, eliminating 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. We invested in cleaning technologies such as the hands-free cleaning TASKI Intellibot robots. The use of electrostatic sprayers also became part of housekeeping protocols.

Food Safety >

Safety is vital in all aspects of our operations, especially in handling food for guests. We maintain the highest standards of food handling and safety while offering a wide variety of dining choices, from international dishes to signature drinks. As we continue to inspire culinary adventure in the local market, Solaire’s diners can rest assured of the safety of all meals and beverages.



Customer Security >

Safeguarding the resort and casino is an excellent security
team that includes an intelligence and investigation unit and plainclothes security personnel. They consist of in-house security professionals, third-party security services personnel, and K-9-trained personnel with a solid track record of maintaining peace and order in casino resort complexes.

< Responsible Gaming

We recognize our fundamental responsibility to prevent any negative effects our gaming services may have on our clients. As a company that provides a world-class gaming experience, Solaire continues to champion responsible gaming
by emphasizing the importance of playing safely. Through our responsible gaming policy, player support, awareness, and player exclusion programs, Solaire promotes a positive gaming mindset among our clientele.

< Data Privacy

Solaire intends to make the Solaire brand synonymous with trust, and a crucial element in customer trust and loyalty is data privacy and security. Our Data Protection Program is a comprehensive effort to comply with regulatory requirements and protect our guests’ right to privacy. We reference the Data Privacy Act of 2012 as our guideline for Solaire’s data privacy policy, procedures, and programs.